Oct. 7, 2011
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Client Showcase
Lucha Libre USA’s mission is to introduce and promote Mexican pro wrestling to American audiences. In addition to producing live events throughout the United States, Lucha Libre USA has teamed up with MTV2 to air a new television series "Masked Warriors."
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10/6 - DFW Burger Meetup @ Meddlesome Moth| Dallas, TX
10/6 - myDASHH @ BLack Finn| Dallas, TX
10/11 - DFWSEO: Social, Mobile & SEO – What’s Love Got to Do with Them | Dallas, TX
10/20 - SMC Dallas: Smart Business, Social Business Book Tour with Michael Brito of Edelman Digital | Dallas, TX
10/26 - Digital Dallas #12: Digital Innovation at The Foundry | Dallas, TX
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Task Management Overhaul Launched

If you're an Admin of a Fancorps community, you have likely already noticed that we've launched a revamped task management creator/editor, aka Orders! We've improved virtually every portion of the Order sending process and added several new features and integrations we're excited about. Please check out the video overview below to see it all in action. Updates include...

Queue Orders To Send With "Start Date"
Extended Social Order Targets
Auto Generated/Tracked Short Links
Image Attachments
Enhanced Member Look Up & Targeting
Save As Templates and/or Drafts
Streamlined Social Sharing
Chilihead Nation Takes Off

This past week we officially launched the Chilihead Nation on Fancorps! The response has been tremendous thus far with nearly two thousand "Chiliheads" joining within just a few days. The goal is to offer consumers who frequently dine at Chili's an opportunity to engage with the brand on a much deeper level than what the casual consumer may already do on mainstream social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare.

In return for participation "Chiliheads" will receive exclusive offers, coupons, gift cards and Chili's branded apparel and merchandise. It's a great way for Chili's to reward their most influential and passionate fans for sharing, recommending and supporting their brand.
Facebook User Types. What Kind Are You?

Now that over half of Americans are on Facebook, it's time to take a good, hard...and fun look at what types of people you really have in your list of "Friends." ..and of course, time to take a look in the mirror to see what what kind of Facebook user are you! A Giver, Taker, Stalker, Voyeur, or Bitcher. Read more from @tonyfancorps here
The Real Meaning of the LIKE Button

A few days back I took part in a brief email discussion regarding the point of certain brands utilizing social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. It's a no brainer if you sell a commercially available and/or consumer friendly product, but what about other businesses that don't necessarily sell or market something as tangible as a movie or a hamburger? What about a dentist, a plumber, or an insurance agency?

In this case, the example we were discussing was a bank, you know...the brick and mortar stores that keep all your cash nice and safe.

The question was, "Why would I "Like" a bank on Facebook?" Read more from @gisanders here

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