Fancorps [fan-core] : A word of mouth marketing and brand advocacy technology solution for consumer brands and organizations

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Fancorps Overview


What does Fancorps provide?

Control over the social interactions and recommendations that have become key to a brand's success on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

When did Fancorps launch?

In 2010, after several years of research and development. We have since worked with hundreds of brands big and small developing custom social media solutions based on our foundation of brand ambassador management.

Where does Fancorps work best?

Our platform is completely scalable to meet the needs of any brand looking to enhance their marketing efforts online or in the real world. Fancorps has been used across all facets of social media, for focus group and survey feedback, consumer product reviews and recommendations, live events, and virtually anywhere else a valuable impression is needed.

Why will Fancorps work for me?

Quality versus quantity is our focus, and should be yours as well. When given the proper direction and incentive, today’s consumer wants and expects to engage with the brands they are passionate about. Harnessing this passion will increase overall awareness and impressions for your brand.

How do I contact you for a quote or with more questions?

Click here to contact us by email or phone. Twitter always works as well.

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